Welcome to ArtEgg!!!

Thank you for choosing to join the ArtEgg Studios, community. Please read about ArtEgg Studios and visit our website: www.artegg.com. By joining our community, you add richness, expertise and have an opportunity to share your skills and interests with more than 45 community residents, individuals and organizations, – all of whom share a commitment to the cultural and environmental sustainability.

·         Arbor Development Company: manages ArtEgg Studios (the building’s name) ArtEgg’s website is www.artegg.com and email:  arteggstudios@gmail.com.

·         Dr. Esther R. Dyer owns the building. She is best reached via email arteggstudios@gmail.com. Contact Esther for: Special Events, Temp Rentals and suggestions to improve ArtEgg.

·         Elliott Perkins is ArtEgg’s Program Director and responsible and event management. Elliott’s studio is Unit 107. He can be reached via  text;  elliottperkins@gmail.com.  (504.343.7147)

·         Ken Tree Battles is ArtEgg’s building nanager, responsible for tenant relations and security. He can be reached via text or email; kentreebattles@gmail.com or (504.813.9567)

·     Steve Bishoff is the proprietor of N2N, a great wine shoppe at ArtEgg and is available to show rental spaces 12 – 7 when the wine shoppe is open.  He can be reached at: (504.259.2353stevebishoff@gmail.com

·         Saegan Swanson is our bookkeeper. Contact her for questions on invoices, updating contact or insurance information. she can be reached at cctgservices@gmail.com  (510.229.7983) or saeganswanson@gmail.com

·         ArtEgg’s number (504.822.4002) is voicemail only. In the event of an emergency, please contact Ashley or Elliott via cell phone.


·         Checks are payable to Arbor Development Company, PO Box 792182, New Orleans, LA 70179. Between the 1 and the 5th of the Month, you may drop your check off at the ArtEgg Office (use the safe next to the mailboxes). Heather (the Good Egg) will log in your check to assure that you have credit for the payment. Do Not Mail Checks to ArtEgg. Any mailed checks must be sent to the PO address.

·         After the 5th of the month, you will be charged $15 per day for each day late retroactive to the first of the month.

·         If you need to discuss special payment arrangements, please contact Esther (arteggstudios@gmail.com)

·         Liability Insurance: All tenants, as per lease, are required to have insurance on file. The minimum liability insurance is $1 million and Arbor Development must be listed as an additional insured on the policy. Fax proof of insurance to 212.428.6771 or put it in the rent safe. Suggested vendors include: Acord, State Farm, and FracturedAtlas.org. Liability insurance is a lease requirement. The certificate must be on the Acord form.


·         Mail and packages at ArtEgg. You can use the address of the building as your own. Here’s how:

Ø   Address:  Name, ArtEgg Studios, 1001 S. Broad Street, New Orleans, LA 70125

Ø   Check your mail box in the front hall.

Ø  Packages from UPS/FEDEX:  You will need to arrange for delivery at a time convenient to you. ArtEgg is not responsible for receiving packages.

·         Visitors and the Front Door: Visitors are welcome, if hosted by you. You are responsible for your guests when they are visiting ArtEgg Studios. DO NOT LET STRANGERS IN.

·         Access to the building:  ArtEgg’s monitored burglar/fire alarm system has code access. There is also a lock box with a code if power is down – contact Ashley if you don’t remember the code.

DO NOT LEAVE THE DOORS OPEN/Admit only your visitors.

·         Access to the Back Gate: Your front door key will open the back gate too.

·         Access to your Unit: We provide a combination lock if there is a hasp or a key to a lockset. Do not change your locks, without our permission. We will not open nor will we lend the key to your unit to anyone without your express written or emailed permission, except in cases of emergency. If there is a crucial need or in an emergency, we will cut your lock and replace it with one of ours, charge you $75.00, and notify you of our action via email.

·         Trash and Recycling

Ø  Take trash and recycling to the Dumpster  in the back parking area. Break down large cartons and make sure trash is deposited in the bin. Recycling is collected on Tuesdays. Do not leave your trash next to the dumpster or you will be charged for handling it.

Ø  Do not leave your trash in the hallways.

·         Loading Docks

Ø  The back loading dock has a ramp for loading only. Do not park on the ramp – others may need to use it. Do not block parked cars or trash container (back lot)

Ø  The side dock door is near the freight elevator on the Earhart side of the building.

Ø  Do Not Leave Anything on the loading docks without supervision – they will be removed and either thrown out or added to the Free Pile.

·         Parking: There is no assigned parking. Tenants may park in either the front or back lot.  Parking overnight, parking of trailers or other cars is prohibited. Cars/trucks that are illegally parked or block others will be towed at owner’s expense by Zahn’s Towing 504.239.4770.   If you wish to have designated parking, please contact Esther or Ashley to check availability.

·         Requests for service: Requests for service should be emailed to arteggstudios@gmail.com and be sure to copy Ken at mojofearless@gmail.com. Arbor is responsible for maintaining common areas. If you notice a need for service, please let us know. Studios are rented in as-is condition. Painting or other improvements require pre-approval, use of an insured contract. Email Esther: arteggstudios@gmail.com.

·         Utilities:  Utilities are expensive and escalating. Please remember to conserve energy and turn-off air conditioning and heating units as well as lights when you are not present. Please also turn off all common area lights when not in use.

·         Website Listing: You can register and maintain your own page, upload up to 3 digital photos and link to your website via artegg.com and click on Our Community Section on www.artegg.com.

·         Wireless: Open access/non-secure and sometimes unreliable. No VOIP, Downloading or Streaming. If you need a stable IP address or use multimedia files or use VOIP, please contract directly for internet service.  Cox Cable and Bell South are both in the building.

In and Around ArtEgg

·         Bathrooms are located in the front hall, downstairs kitchen, on the back loading dock and upstairs next to the paint sink room. Arbor is responsible for cleaning the common areas (halls, bathroom, kitchen, and work rooms). If you notice that something needs to be cleaned or lights need to be replaced, please email Ken kentreebattles@gmail.com or text 504.813.9567

·         Cleaning Service: ArtEgg cleans the service kitchens and bathrooms twice a week. If there is an issue text or email Ken. Tenants are responsible for cleaning their own Units.

·         Freight Elevator: Please use the freight elevator for freight and handicapped access only. Keep the gate down and turn the light off when not in use.

·         Break Areas: The EggKrewe Bar is downstairs and there is a break area upstairs.

Ø  If you use it, clean it! Wash dishes and clean up the table.

Ø  Take your trash to the dumpster or the recycling bin.

·         Paint Sink Room is shared. Do not put flammable liquids or paint down the kitchen sinks. You must provide your own container for solvents. Dispose of waste properly. See posted notice as to rule of use.

·         NO ROOF ACCESS. The white roof coating wil be comprised if people walk on it. Do not step on the roof and do not put any containers or other material on the roof.  


ArtEgg Policies

COVID Policy: Masks are required at ArtEgg throughout the building and property, except when you are in your own studio. Social distancing is required. If you test positive for COVID please do not return to ArtEgg until after you have completed quarantine.

Smoking Policy: ArtEgg Studios is a smoke free environment inside the building in both public and private spaces. Smoking is not allowed on ArtEgg property this includes the loading docks, parking lots and gardens. ArtEgg is in compliance with the No Smoking Regulations for City of New Orleans.

Drug and Alcohol Policy: ArtEgg Studios is a drug free environment in both public and private spaces. Illegal drug use or activity will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate lease termination. ArtEgg does not allow drinking in public on the premises (loading docks, Atrium, etc.)   With advance permission, alcohol may be served at special events (see event policy).

Pet Policy: ArtEgg Studios is a creative workspace and is not conducive to pets. No pets are allowed on premises or in studios. Fully trained and certified service animals are welcome.

Castaways: your once loved and used goods are your treasures and your property. Do not leave any in hallways or at ArtEgg unless you have permission from Ken, Esther or Elliott.  Your castaways are not our treasures and if we need to dispose of your property – you will be accessed a fee of up to $80 (cost of an extra dumpster pickup),

       Lock  Combination ______________________

       Provide a copy of your insurance certificate when you have it to the office or fax to 212.428.6771. Arbor Development should be listed as a named insured on the Acord insurance form. Refer to your lease for specific information and consult your insurance broker. Alternatively Fractured Atlas, a nonprofit insure may be helpful –


Tenant Registration Form:  Unit ____________


       Name ________________________________ Cell Phone_____________________



       Car Make and Model____________________ Plate # _____________________

       Emergency Contact____________________ email/cell______________________
Additional people who will regularly use/visit your Unit

       Name ________________________________ Cell Phone_____________________



       Car Make and Model____________________ Plate # _____________________
(Please provide this information if anyone will be working or visiting you regularly)

Thank you!

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